About Us

We are professional with more than 15 years of Industry experience. With 'Digitization' initiative, we intend to improve Care Coordination between health service providers and leverage 'Analytics' to help people stay healthy, thus enabling people for a 'Swasth Bharat'.


vCura Wellness to focus on -

Health Passport

Digitize all your and family health records at one central location with easy access, analysis and sharing.

Emergency Support

Have your basic details handy and get support during Emergency.

Care Coordination

With 'Health Passport', we help to improve Service Providers' responsiveness by providing them with holistic view of patient medical details.

Elderly Care

Providing support to elderly at home be it Physiotherapy, Physician Consultant or Nurse attendant.


Provide proactive guidance to help customers stay healthy.


Get Medication, Vaccination, Pathology test reminders and stay compliant.

Exclusive Offers

Get competitive offers from our alliance partners .

Secure Sharing

Store, Access and Share your health records in a secure environment.

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